Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted Friday on 21 charges of corruption. Here’s how the news developed online:

How news unfolded about the federal indictment of Ray Nagin

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It began Thursday, as reporters were in front of the federal courthouse, anticipating news about the investigation into business dealings by former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.
CRaypalooza “@GordonRussell1: Lotta news vans in front of fed court this morning…”Toffleresque
@Toffleresque This may be a false alarm. Maybe we can finally have that “Anchorman” brawl instead …Gordon Russell
RT @GordonRussell1: The stakeout continues. Reporters telling war stories, waiting for something to happen. Mackel
I have declared the stakeout over for today. Hopefully, I’m not wrong…Gordon Russell
Reporters gathered again on Friday awaiting a grand jury report and a possible indictment.
Ray Nagin retweeting Osteen on possible indictment day.”You are closest to your victory when you face the greatest opposition.”Paul Murphy
Then things picked up in a hurry.
Grand jury done for the day. Awaiting any indictmentsLee Zurik
Grand jury has completed work at fed court; @chmaldonado awaiting news of any possible indictments today. We’ll let you know either way.Gambit
Prosecutors Matt Coman and Rick Pickens in room. FBI too. Waiting for Judge Lemelle to take bench.Gordon Russell
Grand jury returning. Will they bring Nagin indictment? Stay tuned….Mike Perlstein
The news breaks:
Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted by a federal grand juryLee Zurik
Nagin indicted.Mike Perlstein
Federal grand jury indicts former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin conspiracy money laundering other crimesPaul Murphy
RT @GordonRussell1: 21 counts. Conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, filing false tax
Federal grand jury indicts Ray NaginNew Orleans, La. – A federal grand jury has indicted former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. Federal prosecutors had tried to reach a plea de…
Legal analyst Chick Foret: Nagin could be looking at 10-20 year sentence.WWL-TV
Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, charged with taking bribes while in officeA federal grand jury charged former Mayor Ray Nagin Friday with 21 counts of bribery, conspiracy to deprive citizens of honest services, …
And the analysis and reaction started to come in.
More like Shocking RT @michaelroston: @daveweigel Times-Pic says Nagin is the 1st NO mayor ever charged with corruption… very surprising.Raymond Pritchett
“YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME” #DaMayorinyourPocketSnake and Jakes NOLA
DuBos: Nagin’s second term was a complete abdication of his duty and a squandering of his opportunity to lead. (two posts)WWL-TV
Another black eye (running out of eyes) Morrell
WRONG! The city is positively gleeful RT @The_Gambit: #NAGINDICTMENT @MayorLandrieu: ““This is a sad day for the city of New Orleans. …”Deborah Cotton story on Nagin indictment already has 1,000 Facebook likes! Martin TP
Ray Nagin indictment: social media reactionsA federal grand jury charged former Mayor Ray Nagin Friday with 21 counts of bribery, conspiracy to deprive citizens of honest services, …
RT @ChMaldonado: Here’s the indictment.
There was no press conference by the new interim U.S. attorney.
RT @bmccarthyWWL: Interim US Atty Dana Boente will NOT be a holding a press conference today re: Nagin indictment. Office will issue press release soon.Tyler Bridges
And more details emerged.
The federal indictment accuses #Nagin of accepting more than $160,000 in bribes.Chris Finch
“Businessman A” allegedly paid 3rd party to cover private jet, limo for Nagin trip to NYC, in exchange for tax penalty waiver.Gordon Russell
We were reminded that Nagin had said his entry into politics was originally a business decision.

Greatest Nagin quote of all time “Politics in New Orleans is the dominant industry, so I decided to get in,”
RT @skooks: A look back at Ray Nagin by @moseleylensnola DaltonBeninato

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