“What is OPSB (Orleans Parish School Board) going to promise us that these schools are going to say at the level they’re at now? I don’t think they’ll do a great job because they haven’t in the past,” Cindy Williams, parent of a KIPP student said at Thursday night’s meeting.

The KIPP board held meetings at schools across the charter during the month of November to survey parents about a possible KIPP move from the Recovery School District back to jurisdiction under the OPSB.

Overwhelmingly parents felt staying with the RSD would be in their children’s best interest. According to Jonathan Bertsch, KIPP’s director of advocacy, many wanted to see more promises from OPSB before making the move to fix something many felt wasn’t broken.

Additionally, only four of KIPP’s charters—KIPP Believe Primary and College Prep, McDonogh 15 Primary and Middle and Central City Primary and Academy were eligible for the switch. To avoid falling under two jurisdictions, the board voted to stay with RSD for the 2013-2014 school year.

The board also voted to consolidate the charters for KIPP Central City Primary and KIPP Central City Academy. Previously, the schools are seen as separate in the eyes of the state, meaning a student who has attended Central City Primary since Kindergarten would not be guaranteed a seat at Central City Academy. The change will go into effect before enrollment for the next school year.

The next board meeting will be held on December 20.