By Della Hasselle, Lens Charter School Reporter |

The Algiers Charter School Association cancelled a board meeting scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 25th at 6 p.m., hours before the meeting was supposed to occur. The meeting was cancelled due to board members’ personal scheduling issues, according to the ACSA interim Chief Executive Officer Adrian Morgan.

A sign on the front of the school notified attendees of the cancellation and asked that they visit the ACSA website for more information. Morgan said the date of the rescheduled meeting should be made available on the site by Friday, Oct. 26.

The Algiers Charter School Association governs the Martin Behrman Charter Academy for Creative Arts and Sciences, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies, the William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy, the Alice M. Harte Charter School, the McDonogh #32 Literary Charter School, the Algiers Technology Academy, the Edna Karr Charter High School and the O. Perry Walker College and Career Prep High School and Community Center.