Collegiate Academies board of directors met Wednesday night at the new George Washington Carver High School campus to discuss committee goals for the upcoming school year, including the establishment of firm guidelines on credit card use throughout the charter management system.

With the addition of new charters and new campuses this year, the board agreed to add four additional credit cards—for a total of six— to be distributed to school leaders.

“We wanted to make it crystal clear that it’s going to be closely watched and any expenses will be closely reviewed,” finance committee chair Doug Finegan said.

Finegan also provided an investment report following a meeting with IberiaBank. Collegiate Academies has invested roughly $75,000 over the past two years and has earned over $44,000 in a portfolio managed by IberiaBank.

In regard to academic matters, Sci Academy CEO Ben Marcovitz said he hopes to achieve a year-end School Performance Score of 100 for his school, and a score of 75 at the George Washington Carver High campuses. Put in perspective, the current average performance score for a Recovery School District school is 69.2. Marcovitz hopes to achieve a 90 percent graduation rate at Sci Academy and retain at least 85 percent of Collegiate Academies’ students next year.

Earlier that day former NFL running back Marshall Faulk, a Carver alumnus, met with students and other alumni to donate his Hall of Fame plaque to his former school as a part of the “Hometown Hall of Famers” program.