At its meeting on Tuesday September 11, the Pride College Prep board announced it had officially submitted its application for a charter extension.

Though the school is still graded far below average, results from an internal Pride study and student Assessment Index (AI), based on standardized test scores, offered hope for improvement. Tests showed that 2012 students in 3rd grade with 3 years at Pride had an AI of 75 percent, while 2012 students in 4th grade with 3 years at Pride had an AI of 91.4 percent. With statistics indicating that students who are at Pride longer do better, the board expects to be granted the extension in December before applying for renewal next year. One way or another, this is Pride’s last year of academic probation.

The school will host a flurry of inspectors and other visitors over the next few months. The Special Education Cooperative is scheduled to tour the grounds on September 12, and provide guidance on compliance and other educational practices. The following week, a School Works team arrive to conduct a complete school quality review. On October 9, the RSD is scheduled to inspect the school.

Also, Pride will receive an official audit on September 24, with a final finance report due to the state by December 30.

According to School Leader Michael Richard, construction on Pride’s gym, music room and library has slowed dramatically and the projected October 1 deadline is in jeopardy. Richard said he was not worried about the delay affecting Pride’s academics.

Richard also explained Pride’s E-rate grant. This year, the grant provides each Pride teacher with a smartphone so students can call their teacher on any school night to receive help on homework.

Lastly, some board members floated the idea of an early open house event. Pride will still hold a community open house with RSD later in the year, but members suggested having an earlier event also, to welcome the many parents who have not yet seen Pride’s new, improved building.