Success Prep’s board approved a $4.2 million annual budget at their September meeting, then focused on Hurricane Isaac damage to the school, estimated at $65,000.

Students and teachers did not return to school until Thursday, Sept. 6, after eight days of canceled classes.

Board President Anderson Baker said water came through ceilings and/or windows in three-fourths of the school’s classrooms. The ensuing hot weather and lack of electricity caused mold to appear in some areas.

School leaders brought in a professional engineer and made necessary repairs before students returned.

Upper school principal Niloy Gangopadhyay said it’s unclear how much of the cost insurance will cover.

Despite the lost days of instruction, lower school principal St. Claire Adriaan said teachers will administer benchmark tests as planned.

The budget was approved with little discussion. It anticipates a surplus of $2,450 and calls for $45,000 in donations and fundraising.

Board members who had earlier expressed concern about administrative salaries, said they were comfortable with the final numbers.

Baker announced that his insurance firm is donating all of their old computers to the school.

Board members seek an extension of Success Prep’s charter beyond the current year, despite the school’s failing performance score.

In other business, Success Prep is looking to hire another special-education teacher to work with the school’s increased number of special-education students.

The next board meeting will be on Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m.