The Miller-McCoy finance committee hosted a public hearing to review their proposed budget for the upcoming school year. The proposed budget shows a net income of $679, just breaking the school out of the red, but leaving little room for error.

Major expenses include $2.5 million for salaries, followed by $1 million for purchased professional and technical services which includes spending for special education and technological supplies. These expenses increased $53,000 from last year, due mainly to an increased special education enrollment.

Spending on benefits increased 10 percent from last year to a total $476,980 due mainly to a national increase in insurance costs. The budget also assumes a five percent increase in general insurance to cover property insurance subsidized by the Recovery School District.

David Bailey, the board’s treasurer, pointed out that there is very little budgeted fundraising, lending conservatism to the budget. Last year, the school raised $79,305 in contributions and donations, including a net profit of $10,000 from their first annual gala. The proposed budget only counts on receiving $1,000, a number the board expects to easily surpass.

The proposed budget shows a $99,914 decrease in spending for materials and supplies. Bailey explained that this 30 percent decrease reflects one-time spending on major items including a weight room and band uniforms in last year’s actual expenses.

The budget is based on enrollment of 552 students, a decrease of 11 students from last year. Currently, the student count is fluctuating as many students in Recovery School District schools finalize their enrollment.