Revenues decrease in the coming year for the Algiers Charter School Association, due mainly to expiration of a Teacher Incentive Grant and reduction in the size of Title 1 money.

That’s the salient news from the budget for the upcoming school year released Thursday night.

A public hearing will be held in early August to discuss the budget in detail before its approval at the regularly scheduled August board meeting.

Hard copies of proposed school budgets are available at the association’s central office or its website.

Following a 90-minute executive session, the board announced that Adrian Morgan, chief operating officer of FirstLine Schools, will be the association’s interim chief executive officer.

Aamir Raza, the consultant hired to tackle academic issues at the association’s member schools provided an update on the transition to the new Common Core evaluations. Raza said the charter network will create its own benchmark testing system rather than use the Achievement Network, a non-profit employed by several local schools seeking to improve student performance.

Raza said the upcoming year is crucial to many of association schools facing charter renewal. McDonogh 32 Elementary School and William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy will need to improve their school performance scores the most, Raza said. To reach minimum standards, McDonogh 32 needs to climb 27 points and Fischer by 31. Raza noted that the greatest improvement in an association school’s performance score to date was 17.4.