The Einstein Charter School Board of Trustees approved the school’s budget for the upcoming school year at its monthly board meeting Tuesday night, July 11. The approved budget contained minor adjustments to expenses, mainly related to insurance costs.

Property insurance costs jumped from $17,000 to $49,000 this year. The 188 percent increase in costs come from the Recovery School District, which provides the insurance for the building.

The revised budget also included the addition of a $22,000 salary which will cover the pay for a daytime security guard. Finally, the state teacher retirement program requires the school to increase its contribution to retirement savings by almost one percent this year, which was reflected in the new budget.

Academically, principal Shawn Toranto discussed the school’s transition to the state’s common core curriculum. Toranto said she has attended at least three meetings with state officials to review ways to prepare students for new state tests related to the curriculum changes.

Enrollment is currently at 545 students, with some on a waiting list.