The board of Milestone SABIS announced at its June 19 board meeting that it had begun building inspections on two locations in Gretna as it narrows its search for a new facility for the upcoming school year.

Board Chair Leslie Ellison said she was confident the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education would approve the school’s preferred facility, a spacious, multi-building facility on Virgil street. Board secretary Nayita Wilson said inspections would be completed next week, and the facility should be ready for the coming school year.

School officials said plans were on the way to hire buses to transport students the new location. Finance Manager Rodney Lilley told the board that each bus would cost $310 daily. He urged the board to consider partnering with another school to split transportation costs.

In her director’s report, Principal Catherine Boozer said the current student enrollment for next year is 453, up 58 students from last year. She expects the final pupil count to be 528 when the school year begins in August.

In preparation for the statewide shift to the “Common Core” curriculum in the 2014-15 school year, Boozer said Milestone/SABIS would begin implementing the new standard across all grade levels soon, as school leaders hope that earlier adoption of the new curriculum will prevent the a drop in standardized test scores.

Finally, the board approved the addition of Kimberly Morehead as its newest member.

In addition to Ellison and Wilson, board members Tonia Moore and Maureen Joseph were also in attendance, along with Boozer, Lilley and a LENS reporter.