The board of Milestone SABIS charter convened in a special board meeting June 8 to discuss its ongoing search for new facilities.

Board secretary Nayita Wilson said the school was looking at two locations in Gretna: one on Virgil street, the other on Fourth street. Both facilities could house the current student body. Both are expected to require minimum repairs, to be cost-effective and are available for immediate occupancy.

Principal Catherine Boozer favored the Virgil street location, saying it “featured spacious, multiple buildings that would be of best interest to teachers and staff.” Wilson echoed her comments, describing the location as more aesthetic than the Fourth Street facilities.

The board had hoped to stay at its current location, but the school was not offered a new lease by the building owner, the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans will be the new tenant of the building this fall.

The board voted to pursue both properties in Gretna for the time being. A final decision is expected later.

In other agenda items, finance manager Rodney Lilley presented the board with an updated internet safety policy. The changes in the new policy reflected the school’s efforts to deal with social media sites with regard to cyber bullying.  While students have no access to social media sites on campus, the school promised to make greater efforts to prevent off-campus bullying.

The 30-minute meeting began an hour late, at 6:30 p.m, to ensure a quorum.  In addition to Wilson, board members Tania Moore and Tilman Hardy were present, along with Boozer and a LENS reporter.