The absorption of Langston Hughes Academy by the FirstLine charter management organization should be complete by June 30.

FirstLine, which has managed Hughes since 2010, will formally take over the school’s charter and all aspects of its governance.

FirstLine’s chief operating officer, Adrian Morgan, anticipates a smooth transition. In a management report, Morgan said enrollment remains steady, while a number of extracurricular activities have strengthened ties among students, parents, and teachers.

Among recent events:

Last week’s Math Night was well attended despite inclement weather.

March 9 was a professional development night during which LHA staff and teachers outlined strategies for higher student retention and to promote health and wellness.

Langston Hughes will be one of several schools working to re-strategize the “gym” component of the school day.

The idea is to swap conventional notions of school exercise, which often resembles recess, and instead promote healthier lifestyles.

The Edible Schoolyard event attracted 500-plus guests to its recent fundraiser, making it a huge success despite inclement weather.

Starting in mid-April, LHA will offer free dinner to some 300 students.  Details of the plan will be discussed at next month’s board meeting.

The meeting went into executive session at 6:30 p.m.

All but two board members were present and one audience member.