Lusher’s board of directors began their monthly meeting, March 3, with discussion of Governor Bobby Jindal’s education agenda and how the proposed legislation would affect Lusher.

One Jindal proposal is to put more weight on SAT and ACT scores and other college preparation work to determine a high school’s School Performance Score (SPS). Board members said they were concerned to learn more about the governor’s plan but noted that this year Lusher began scheduling more college prep study halls.

Next year, every Lusher junior will get a study hall to work on college prep work and, henceforth, all high school students will be required to take at least one advanced-placement course during their time at Lusher.

“We knew nothing about this part of Jindal’s plan,” lower school principal Patty Glaser said, “but luckily what we’ve been doing fits the new SPS plan nicely.”

Expansion of Lusher’s fascilities was also discussed. The school’s program at the Jewish Community Center will introduce two new second-grade classes next year. The move will require four new classrooms for 100 kids in the next two years. The board is in discussion with anyone willing to help.

Board members also discussed a new conflict-of-interest policy they are expected to sign in the near future. Until then, some on the board advocate a charter change to make it less restrictive in case, said board president Paul Barron, “a board member can get us a good deal on something beneficial because of their business connections and we’re not allowed to take advantage.”

Present with Barron at the meeting were vice president ?Andrew Wisdom, treasurer ?Susan Krinsky, and members Blaine LeCesne, ?Carol Whelan, ?Rachel Wisdom, ?Ann Salzer, ?Kristin Huston and Andrea Armstrong.