Benjamin Franklin himself might have reveled in this irony: Ben Franklin High School is saving on energy costs.

The Advocates for Academic Excellence in Education Inc., the charter school board governing Benjamin Franklin High School, held a short meeting on Dec. 15, during which Allison Bent, director of accounting and fiscal services, said the school has saved $33,000 compared to last year on energy costs.

Bent said the savings were a result of “working with and setting climate controls throughout the building, closing the schools during the weekends” and other measures.

The school has not only saved $33,000, but also spent $6,000 less than budgeted, Bent said. The school is still projected for the budgeted $100,000 net income.

The board also admitted Diane Allison to the finance committee with a unanimous vote.

Board President Duris Holmes said the bylaws didn’t call for a vote, but the board likes to have oversight.

She is a 1979 graduate of Benjamin Franklin, a certified public accountant who is now  the business manager for the Ascension Parish School Board.

School leader Timothy Rusnak also awarded the monthly faculty and staff recognition to cafeteria manager Pamela Anderson.

“She has really added a sense of community, especially in our cafeteria,” Rusnak said. “[She’s] certainly made a difference in the lives of our kids and in the school.”

The meeting began at 4:12 p.m. and ended at 4:30 p.m.