Two students were injured when an Edgar P. Harney school bus was hit by a car at 7:15 a.m. Nov. 10. The incident was reviewed by the school’s board of trustees during its monthly meeting four days later.

Eileen Williams, the school principal, said the bus, carrying 25 students, was hit as it proceeded from a stop sign. The car, which hit the front of the bus, appeared to have been totaled.

“The children on the bus were jolted by the impact but luckily no one was seriously hurt,” Williams said. “I, Ms. (Dena) Robateau (data manager) and Ms. (Lisa) Cox (school nurse) rushed to the scene to make sure all the kids were safe, and their parents were notified.”

One student suffered a back injury while another had a sprained wrist. Both are recovering well, school officials said.

The 22-minute board meeting also included a budget report update from Marlene Wade, the school’s chief financial officer, and a report from Board finance consultant Sean Berner.

Board president Dr. Charles Southall III ignored requests from The Lens and refused to give members of the public a copy of  Wade’s budget report. Southhall said the budget report was not completely up-to-date.

“My consultant advised me not to give out the report,” Southhall added. “If you need a copy of the report, you will have to send me a request in writing.”

Lastly, Berner told the board that the school was switching to a new janitorial company, GCA. The switch will save the school about $30,000 – $40,000 annually, Berner said. He added that the cost saving measures and maintenance issues made the school terminate its contract with Sodexo, its old janitorial service.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m. The next board meeting is Dec. 5.