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Satellite government bodies doing just fine, not likely to return much money to city

By Ariella Cohen, The Lens staff writer |

As part of its annual budget review, the City Council heard presentations today from the dozen semi-autonomous agencies that manage New Orleans assets such as Piazza D’Italia in the Central Business District and, less glamorously, the city’s thousands of blighted lots. Though none of the entities depends on the tax dollars that go into the city’s general operating fund, their budgets must be approved by the council.

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  • It is nice to get the complete coverage of all that happened during the Budget Hearing, but I still prefer to have my news stories in story form.

  • Deborah

    that’s an interesting layout. I agree with Nick. if I have to choose, I chose the traditional style, straight ahead news with facts I can trust and without conjecture. Storify’s form though is great to hear comments from the public that aren’t posting directly the site. each version brings its own value

  • It would be cool to be able to comment on your Storify story using Twitter. Once the story has ‘gelled’ I can only comment via the Lens site, which embeds the Storify page. Kind of separates out the feedback from the original content. For now I’ll include the shortened Storify link in a followup tweet.

    This would be something for Storify to implement, and I see they already have a suggestion along those lines in their Feedback Forum.

  • Anyway, my comment is that the DDD campaign is soooo very lame. Hard to believe that Northstar came up with the best possible result.