NOLA 180, the charter school board that governs Langston Hughes Academy, a FirstLine school, met on Oct. 25. Board members present were Paul Pechon, D’Juan Hernandez, Kristina Kent, Kathleen Padia, George Freeman, Chief Operating Officer Adrian Morgan and Chief Executive Officer Jay Altman.

The board announced that a community meeting has been scheduled on Wednesday, Nov. 9, for parents to give feedback on NOLA 180’s charter transition process.

Board members said they believe that the transition is not an issue for the school community but want to be sure that parents are aware of the process and engaged in it. Letters will be sent to parents to inform them of the meeting.

Freeman and member Dow Edwards will draft a script for the community meeting with staff input. The board decided that ahead of the meeting with parents, they should have a separate consultation with school employees, following their Nov. 7 staff meeting.

In spite of increases in payroll costs, the finance committee reported that Hughes is operating within budget and breaking even. At 617, current enrollment exceeds projections by four students. Overall, morale is high and the school feels good, the board was told.