Board members Alison Hartman, Charleen Blache, Stephen Rosenthal, Dana Peterson, Gregory St. Etienne, Lawrence Kullman, Darleene Peters, Brian Egana, Chief Operating Officer Adrian Morgan, and Chief Executive Officer Jay Altman were present Oct. 25 at the monthly meeting of the FirstLine School Board. The board governs Arthur Ashe Charter School, Joseph S. Clark Prep High School, John Dibert Community School, S.J. Green Charter School.

The meeting opened with approval of the previous meeting’s minutes and a brief finance report asserting that Clark’s revenues are down.

The board also approved release of budgeted bonuses for the 2010-2011 school year, based on performance and retention.

The board resolved to meet in 2012 on Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. at Langston Hughes, but the November 2011 meeting will be rescheduled because of Thanksgiving.

The facilities committee reported that the Red Cross building on Canal Street has been identified as a possible temporary space for the new business office, an attractive prospect given the off-street parking lot. The committee was authorized to explore costs. The Red Cross is offering a short-term lease or month-to-month arrangement because it plans to put the building up for sale. The board expressed a preference for finding a permanent space as soon as possible.

The NET, a pilot program that partners with FirstLine at Clark to provide an alternative-school experience, is also searching for a new location. Currently, The NET houses 67 students in cramped classrooms on the third floor at Clark. The NET would like its own independent space separate from Clark. An audience member suggested The NET remain in the Treme area.