The Miller-McCoy Academy board of directors met for an hour on  Oct. 24 to discuss the school’s progress, review financials, and discuss transportation costs.

With nine of 15 board members absent, the meeting failed to achieve a quorum, so no votes were taken.

To cut down on the expense of bus service, a major budget item, the school has consolidated some middle and high school bus routes, with added time for tutoring before or after school for those students now on an altered route.

The board discussed the option next year of giving students vouchers for use on city buses. A study comparing costs will be undertaken.

The school has applied for a line of credit with Chase Bank to pay insurance premiums and secure pre-approval should future borrowing be required, according to the finance committee report.

School leader Tiffany Hardrick’s report included academic performance graphs for middle and high school math and reading. Addressing the lowest score, tenth-grade math, Hardrick said the school is working with its math coach to align the curriculum more closely with state testing standards and provide more tutoring.

Isaiah Simms, a scholar athlete on Miller-McCoy’s football team, was scheduled to be interviewed by Nike, the board learned. Simms, named charter school student of the year by the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, was recently accepted to Louisiana State University.

The next monthly meeting is Nov. 28 at 6 p.m.