Note: this report has been corrected to state that the pumpkin patch is part of a charity drive by First Presbyterian Church, and is not affiliated with Lycée Français.

The Lycée Français School Board met on Oct. 10 at 6 p.m. in the First Presbyterian Church sanctuary. Board members Kenneth Charity and Jean Montes were absent. Consul Général Jean-Claude Brunet, an ex-officio board member, was represented by Philip Aldon, deputy cultural affairs attaché. Eight people were in the audience.

Board president Andrew Abrams reported that on Oct. 7, the school participated in a mandatory summit with the state Department of Education to discusses new charter policies and compliance for the upcoming year.

Abrams said the school complies with state policy in not  accepting applications prior to Jan. 1. The school can circulate the application forms ahead of that date, however.  The first open house is at 6 p.m. Oct. 11 in Fellowship Hall.

Jill Otis, the school’s principal, said representatives from KaBoom have examined the school grounds and that the build date for the new playground is Nov. 5 at 8 a.m. One hundred and fifty volunteers have signed up.

Lycée Français is also working on its after-school program, board members learned. The school is seeking artists for the program. French fluency is preferred, but not required.

Music will also be part of the in-class curriculum for a half hour each week, Otis said, and a choir will be formed, starting in late October.

Friends and families are encouraged to support First Presbyterian’s Program of Hope homeless outreach by visiting the pumpkin patch next to the church.

A special board meeting will be held on Oct. 24, to discuss replacing Allan Kelly as secretary and to select a food service provider and a marketing firm.