The agenda for the Broadmoor Charter School Board meeting held on September 27 is reprinted below:


Andrew H. Wilson Charter School (cafeteria)
September 27, 2011 6:30 p.m.

6:30 -6:35 pm (start on time)—Call to Order, Roll Call and Board President Welcome (5 min.), time keeper: David Winkler-Schmit

6:35 -6:37 pm—Approve board minutes (2 min.)

6:37-6:45 pm—Board Officers’ Reports (8 min)

Vice Chair
Finance Chair

6:50-6:58 pm—Committee Updates (Committee reports should be sent to the board liaison, Emily Wolff, by the Wed. prior to the next scheduled board meeting. Board members are expected to read reports prior to meeting and be prepared to vote on committee recommendations.)

Board Governance (2 min)

Academic Excellence (2 min)

Finance (2 min)

Fundraising (2 min)

6:58-7:38 pm—Discussion Time and Board Action Items (40 min)

Board Governance (10 min)

Board member financial annual financial contribution: Annual $500 contribution. In lieu of the full monetary contribution, board members can volunteer at $20 per hour up to $250 and the remaining contribution can come from the individual member, or a donating source. This contribution can be monetary or in-kind. The value of any in-kind donation will be determined by the board member in conjunction with the school business manager.

Public comment

Board vote

Board needs and recruitment

Finance (10 min)
Accept the proposed policy change that combines “Sick and Personal Time” into the new category, “Paid Time Off.”

Public Comment

Board Vote

Accept proposed policy change regarding carry-over PTO, or “use it or lose it.” Employees can carry over only 10 days from the previous school year, which ends June 30th, or lose that PTO. Employees can also donate PTO to other employees as spelled out in proposed policy change.

Public Comment

Board Vote

Accept proposed bereavement policy (The Broadmoor Charter School Board provides full-time employees up to three days paid bereavement leave, beyond sick or personal time, due to the death of an immediate family member.  This includes a parent (including an in-law and step-parent), spouse, dependent, sibling, stepsibling, grandparent or grandchild.

Academic Excellence (10 min)

Definition of Academic Excellence (from written report)

Public comment

Board vote

Fundraising (10 min)

7:38-7:53—Edison and School Administrative Reports (30 minutes)

Edison Report (10 min)

School leader (10 min)

Operations (10 min)

7:53-7:55—Announce next board meeting committee meetings and decide when board’s policy presentation meeting should be held.

7:55—Meeting  Adjourned