Corporate logo along Simon Bolivar worth peanuts to New Orleans

The small plot of land, on the corner of Simon Bolivar Avenue at its junction with Euterpe and Felicity streets, has been transformed into “Planter’s Grove.” It’s “part art, part urban revitalization,” according to a Planter’s website. Also part billboard, to be blunt about it, and as such just the latest defeat in a decades-long struggle to keep corporate sponsorship from disfiguring New Orleans landscapes and festivals.

If city had asked, "Treme" producers would have chipped in on restoration of doubles

By Ariella Cohen, The Lens staff writer |

Neither the Landrieu administration nor preservationists followed up to save houses featured in ads for the HBO television show “Treme,” series executive producer David Simon wrote in a letter released this afternoon. The five houses that grace the cover of the recently released first-season DVD set were demolished earlier today.