Update: Sheriff’s spokesman says agreement reached to keep all security in place this week. For updates on this, see the story from our partners at Fox8 News.

The judges in Criminal District Court met this morning and voted to shut down the courthouse if Sheriff Marlin Gusman pulls his security at noon, as they are expecting, a spokeswoman said.

Gusman’s office threatened to pull security at one courthouse entrance today in a letter to Mayor Mitch Landrieu sent yesterday.

Criminal District Court building at Tulane and Broad: Set to shut down at noon unless a deal is reached on courthouse security.

Gusman said he will pull security at noon,  court spokeswoman Margaret Dubuisson said.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro and Landrieu’s staff are expected to meet with Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas today, following a request by Criminal District Chief Judge Julian Parker yesterday, to use three police officers to cover the front door instead of Gusman’s deputies.