We scan The Times-Picayune’s legal ads so you don’t have to. Here’s a look at some selected items from the past week.

Library needs makeover – Louisiana’s Office of Facility Planning and Control is taking bids for the Phase I – 4th Floor completion of the Earl K. Long Library at University of New Orleans. Info: (504) 586-9303

DEQ gives OK to waste – The state Department of Environmental Quality has given the OK to Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. to operate a Solid Waste Surface Impoundment in Orleans Parish, 10 miles northeast of Chalmette. If that’s your area, be prepared to hold your nose in a few months. No info number.

Blight, be gone – The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, Habitat for Humanity of Louisiana, and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity are proposing a Neighborhood Stabilization Program that intends to stop vacancy and provide affordable single family housing in New Orleans. The properties they target include developed neighborhoods suffering from blight, vacancy and slum conditions. Less blight sounds good to us, but the project will affect the 100 year floodplain, so they have to tell people about it. Info: (225) 389-0088.

RSD requests crackdown on roaches – The Recovery School District is taking bids for annual pest control services for its schools. Roaches everywhere detest this move, but the kids will love it. Info: (504) 373-6200 ext 20095

Carver to face wrecking ball – The state Education Department is taking bids for the demolition of G.W. Carver High School’s building on Higgins Boulevard. A new Carver High will be built on the site, starting next year and completed in 2013. For info: 504-314-1404

–By Jessica Williams