Today I witnessed the Archdiocese celebrate the “Feast of the Epiphany”:http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/holidays/epiphany.htm

Epiphany is a Christian feast celebrating the ‘shining forth’ or revelation of God to mankind in human form, in the person of Jesus Christ

Poppy Z Brite get's arrested

It was especially odd way to celebrate with the novelist “Poppy Z Brite”:http://www.poppyzbrite.com/ getting hauled away in handcuffs along with other parishioners.


After Howard Hunter Jr and Poppy Z Brite were dragged out there was a long period of time while representatives of the Archdiocese attempted to locate Harold Baquet who was somewhere inside the Church.

Because the parishioners had a more intimate knowledge of the Church than the Archdiocese officials they were able to secret themselves away inside the sanctuary.


Eventually Harold, who suffers from cancer came out in prayer and handcuffs.


At the end parishioners stood in front of the police car which took Mr. Baquet to central lock up.



I found this video of Sarah Comiskey, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese..she talks here about social justice.

Karen Gadbois

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