Squandered Heritage Vintage

Imminent Danger of Collapse

This house was declared IDC after Gustav. This photo was taken this week.

2702 04 S Dorgenois

Here is an interior shot

2702 04 S Dorgenois

I don’t have a photo of the Central City Demolition

As I type this I am watching the Historic District Landmarks Special Meeting to review demolitions. One owner got up and said he does not want this demolition and was shocked to see the house on the list with the “Gas Off” sign spray painted.

I wonder why he was not notified, Veronica White is in charge of these demolitions, our Sanitation Director aka trash. It makes you realize what the City thinks of it’s citizen’s and the historic housing stock.

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  • ClarkT

    Really! Is there a professional engineer that signs off on declaring these IDC or is it just some city hall lackey with a 11th grade education? Many of these buildings truly are in imminent danger, but many also seem to be in no danger whatsoever. Who is accountable for these declarations?

  • No professional engineer is involved. The house next door fell during Gustav but other than knocking a few weather boards off the back of this house there is nothing wrong.

    If you look at the City website you can review the IDC list. One of my favorite is 1720 Oretha Castle Haley. The home of the Ashe Cultural Center.
    Go figure..

  • ClarkT

    Humph. They ought to look at the cinderblock structure on 3322 LaSalle, 1/2 block downtown of Louisiana. Someone is dismantling it brick by brick, but it is seconds away from collapsing and killing him. I cringe every time I’ve driven by. Bizarre that something that obvious does not make the list. Seems to be no method to the madness at all.