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Jan 7 2008

An OpEd piece in the Times Pic addresses one of the issues we have been working on.

They failed however to address the lack of due process and the issues of the “Imminent Health Threat” homes and the “Imminent Danger of Collapse” The house on 1574 N. Dorgenois is one such house, it is listed in the paper as an Imminent Danger of Collapse and it is very obviously an error.

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  • Julia

    Has the city ever clarified the difference between a “Good Neighbor” house and an “Imminent Health Threat”?

    To me the descriptions seem one and the same, but one affords due process; i.e.; notification and a hearing; the other does not.

    Or does the Imminent Threat ordinance supercede or revoke Good Neighbor?

    Nagin claims every property had due process. I think not.

  • Sal

    December 7th of this year is a long way off.

  • It seems that all “IHT” properties were at one time “Good Neighbor” but not all “Good Neighbor” became “IHT”

    Although not all “IHT” properties have gone through the ajudication process that was set in place by the GNP

    And now we are seeing IHT properties morph into Imminent Danger of Collapse.

    Julia, I am hope you read the comment from the homeowner in Gentilly….

  • Sal

    Thanks I changed the title..I need a proofreader!

  • Julia


    I did, and it’s pitiful — she feels pretty much how we do. Thanks for all this, Karen. Invaluable.