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NEW ORLEANS, LA (August 21, 2007) – Tomorrow, the City of New Orleans will begin a four-day drive during which New Orleanians whose properties have been cited as imminent health threats will be able to provide the required documentation to inspectors to qualify for removal from the Imminent Health Threat demolition lists. Citizens may participate whether they are currently living in New Orleans or elsewhere.

This four-day drive is part of the Imminent Health Threat Demolition Resident Assistance Program. The program was launched on August 15 and is designed to educate property owners on the process and criteria for removing a property from the Imminent Health Threat demolition list.

Property owners may bring proof and documentation of remediation to two locations in New Orleans Wednesday through Saturday and one location in Houston on Saturday. Documentation also may be sent by certified mail.

Property Removal Criteria

Property owners must provide proof and documentation (photos, in mail or in person, that shows the following:

  • The property has been gutted and contents have been removed
  • Grass is cut in the front, back, and side yards
  • All doors closed and secured


From Wednesday, August 22 through Saturday, August 25, property owners may submit their documentation at the following locations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

New Orleans, LA

Office of Code Enforcement

1340 Poydras Street, Suite 1100

St. Bernard Recreation Center

1500 Lafreniere Street

Houston, TX

Journey Home Center

3611 Ennis Street, Suite 113/114

Houston, TX 77004

By certified mail to:

Office of Code Enforcement,

1340 Poydras Street, Suite 1100

New Orleans, LA 70112.

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  • How ca anyone in this town hold a job is they have to spend endless hours at city hall correcting the mistakes of civil servants. If you protested your assesment last week and now have to prove that your house should not be demolished you are spending a lot of time in line at city hall. The government of the City of New Orleans is really letting it’s citizens down and costing them a lot of time.

  • Brenda Dupre Williams

    Where can I locate a copy or information of the cicty’s property demo list. I have wasyed soooo much time trying to ascertain this type of information, My houses in the lower 9 may be in danger, I notice the newspaper had a list of properties but I am not always able to read the paper. please help.

    thanks a lot
    Brenda D. Williams

  • AJ

    I feel really, sincerely, concerned at the ability of our elderly, non-technically oriented, ‘legal complaint on file” against the insurance company (deadline not until the 29th), still in endless limbo ‘road home’ and ackkkk – estranged residents – ability to respond within the 4 day, “drive”.

    Is this a joke? It is a victory to many NOW on the demo list, who know what to do,,to protect their homes but, what does it do for those who don’t?

    I commend and hail the amazing (did I say AMAZING women and men of SH) but, don’t we all know this is not nearly enough…

    The city and her people need to wake up and understand, swiftly, that an empty, non cut lot – is not the best answer, to restore a neighborhood. This consists of short term solutions at the degradation of long term homeowner loss for years and years to come.

    Wake up NOLA!!!

    SH keep up the great work!! I am so glad someone in NOLA chooses to look at the long term picture here in the city – thanks to each of you!!!!

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  • dshurina

    Mayor Nagin made stupid decisions before the storm and now he is making stupid decisions that are hurting people after the storm,ie: tearing down homes that shouldn’t be torn down. I don’t trust him on a sunny day.