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The City of New Orleans Imminent Danger List

2237 Milan St. (2)  3108-10 Gen Taylor St. (4)

The current Imminent Danger Demolition List from the City of New Orleans contains about 1700 properties. If you did not see the public notice in the newspaper, the list is linked here.

As we can see from these two homes, some houses may be on the list erroneously. We have included a link to instructions on how to get your house removed from the list.

IF you need urgent assistance, please leave a comment, we can email you back and get your personal information and give you a hand in working with the City Agency to get your home removed from this list.

The City of New Orleans Imminent Danger List

How to Appeal the Demolition of Your Home

On the City’s Website:

As of Aug. 7, 2007, Squandered Heritage Has 723 Photographs Of Properties on The Imminent Danger List:

Karen’s Set

Laureen’s Set

Randall’s Set

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    The house that I lived in for almost 20 years was demolished without any notice to me at all.
    My best friend call me on a Sunday afternoon to tell me that she had driven on the street where I used to live and the spot where I used to live was now just an empty lot. The house was located at 5320 Wildair Dr. in the section of the city call Filmore Gardens. One block of Filmore, two blocks off of St. Anthony Ave. I was too hurt. At one time I had considered returning to my home city of over 40 years. But now, New Orleans is the place where I used to live. From here on out it will always be a nice place to visit, but I will never live there again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in hurricane terroity in Pensacola, Fl. But at least I’m above sea level and I’m on a hill. I thank God everyday for a new life. I just need to know if there is a class action suit anywhere because I (like a whole lot of other people) need to know where to sign up for it. If anyone reading this post knows, please get back to me asap. I do not want to be left out in the cold on this one. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Ginger Marks

    God Bless you! Please put a link so people can contribute ! I live in Shreveport, but I’d be glad to give $25.00 and will certainly email or write letters when another voice would help.

    Thank you for looking out for the city I love.

  • Jada Duronslet

    My grandparent’s home, 1707 Congress St. New Orleans, La., is listed on this demolition list. This property is currently in litigtion with the Road Home Program. We have been dealing with this issue since 2005. I would appreciate any information that can be provided regarding this matter. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.