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3828-30 Gen Taylor St. City of NO Imminent Danger List

City of NO Imminent Danger List August 5, 2007

3828-30 Gen Taylor St. (1)

To request your home be removed from the City’s Imminent Threat Demolition List Contact : Winston Reid, Department of Code Enforcement, whreid@cityofno.com Phone: 915-0092.

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  • mikesmiley
  • That is rich, and unfortunatly not uncommon. How much do you think the lot will be worth after they tear it down. A nickle?

  • Carmen

    That’s essentially the issue: the City is devaluing the assets of its homeowners, whether by mismanagement or design. Perhaps some of these people to whom it has already occurred need to sue to get the point across. Especially as proper notice is not being given by mail or in person (like that man who had his house pulled down around him).

    The other thing I wonder is, has the Inspector General begun work yet? If you cannot get a simple answer as to how these homes are appearing on the list, perhaps a call to his or her office might provide the proper weight.