This is the HCDRC Agenda for July 9th, 2007 published in the Times Picayune on July 2nd, 2007.

Due to Karen’s keen eye, she saw this and questioned its brevity at a time when we know the office is receiving a record amount of applications. Chairman, Nelson Savoie, said there are actually some 25 properties on the list. The public notice for the process requires at least three days of public notice before items can appear on the agenda.

At Squandered Heritage, we monitor the processes in place and document the homes on these lists. The processes are governed by the City’s Municipal Code. We want to be sure that all homeowners, like Mr. Macaluso, whose property ends up on the various lists, which are generated by the city, receive fair and due process before their homes are lost forever.

In the event that demolition is the best answer, we aim to document those homes for the historical record.

HCDRC Agenda July 9 2007 (1)

These photos are large so they can be read easily online:

HCDRC Agenda July 9 2007

To clear things up, these properties have been listed on the new agenda we received today and have NOT been given public hearing :

2552-54 N. Galvez St.
4020 Elba St.
4025 S. Prieur St.
1440 Delery St.
3000 Louisa St.
1317 Charbonnet St.
1624 Lesseps St.
5427 N. Villere St.
2250-52 N. Galvez St.
3225 Gravier St.
1011 S. Dupre St.
2331 Montegut St.
2109 Mazant St.
1824 S. Salcedo St.
3535 Delachaise St.
1853-55 Agriculture St.
2429-29.5 N. Claiborne Ave.
2133-35 Elysian Fields Ave.

These are previous post on Squandered Heritage:

1966-68 N. Prieur St.
214 S. White St.
3501-03 S. Liberty St.
533-35 S. Alexander St.
315 S. Clark St.
3017-19 Bienville St.
1817 Arts St