Squandered Heritage Vintage

3401 Prytania St.(Garden District, Uptown Area)

Housing Conservation District Review Committee
10 a.m. June 25, 2007
Room 7E07, 7th Floor, City Hall


3401 Prytania St. – Applicant Touro Infirmary has applied for owner Scott Landry to demolish this commercial building to be replaced with a parking lot.

Tastee Donuts on  3401 Prytania St

Wow, Tastee Donuts shops are sure being purged from this city (this is the second Tastee to be demolished Uptown) and Touro hospital can’t seem to get get enough parking.

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  • dt

    this is not just “A” Tastee Donut Shop. This is where the late great Earl King used to hang in the early hours and where he wrote some of his most memorable tunes….I can’t pass there without thinking about him. This is a New Orleans musical Landmark!

  • The photograph & comment will be used on the homepage of this week’s edition of the “Carnival of Hurricane Relief,” posted later today.


    dt: print out this picture, cut it out carefully and tape it to the inside of the passenger side window. then every time you are riverbound at this corner you can look out and see the donut shop and remember all the good tunes written here.