Squandered Heritage Vintage

2204 Franklin Ave {8th Ward}

Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting
Monday, April 9th, 2007
10a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall


2204 Franklin Ave.

Owner Geraldine Courtney has applied to demolish thsi Neoclassical Revival double shotgun to be replaced with a single family residence of no specific type or design. No redevelopment plan has been submitted with the demolition application.

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  • Brad

    Someone needs to tell Miss Geraldine NO!

  • Randall

    I agree. She had the house gutted so maybe she found some type of termite or structural damage but I did not see anything. Her back gable has screwed up but I cannot tell you the number shotgun doubles I have seen with Katrina messed up back gables. The back gable of houses must be weaker or something

  • Mel

    I am the realtor trying to sell this house. Please contact me if anyone wants to put in an offer to buy. 504-908-9833