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Demo du Jour: Valence St. Church

This church has been the subject of debate over the past year. A developer is replacing it with condos, they could not find a way to reuse it. Condos will never be as beautiful. Randall and I visited it a few months ago. Today, Willie White sent the word that they have begun demolition. This is one that will take a week or so. We’ll go back periodically to add to the photo set.

Valence St. Church Front View

Photo Set

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  • Stephanie Bruno

    I am hoping the news is not as bleak as it looks.

    Developer Marcus Azzurello was told by respected structural engineers that the church cannot hold the additional interior floors he planned to add.

    So as I understand it, the church is being deconstructed, then reconstructed. Marcus seems extremely committed to seeing this plan through and we (Maryann Miller especially on the Operation Comeback staff) are in touch with him.

    If there is a change, we will let everyone know.

    We know that having a reconstructed church is not as desirable as thaving the old church but we are impressed by the effort and expense Marcus is devoting to the project.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Amaliya

    Thank you for some answers. I have always thought there could have been a lovely rehab of the church even if it were different function. I am sad to see the condos going up on this lot reflect nothing of this church’s design. What has happened to the salvaged items?