Over the next few days I will be posting the houses that are off the FEMA list. That is ineligible for a Public funds demolition.

Some of these houses may have been sold or the owner decided they would repair.

4601-03 S. Miro Street {Broadmoor}

4601-03 S.Miro Street  OFF FEMA List

There are 4 properties that are all in a row.

218-20 S.Lopez {Mid City}

218-20 S. Lopez  OFF the FEMA List

222-24 S. Lopez {Mid City}

222-24 S. Lopez OFF the FEMA List

226 S.Lopez {Mid City}

226 S.Lopez OFF the FEMA List

3129 Palmyra St {Mid City}

corner store

3129 Palmyra OFF the FEMA list

826-28 N. Rocheblave St

826-28 N.Rocheblave St OFF the FEMA list

2714-20 Daneel Street

2714-20 Daneel Street

3319-21 Iberville Street {Mid City}

3319-21 Iberville St  {Mid City}

Karen Gadbois

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