Squandered Heritage Vintage

2126-2132 Tulane Ave {3rd Ward}


Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting Agenda
Monday, February 5th, 10 a.m. Room 7E07
City Hall

This house is up for review at next Monday’s Meeting

2126 - 2132 Tulane Ave (1)

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Owner Trinh Xuan has applied to demolish this raised basement and the adjacent commercial structure to be replaced with a new commercial structure of no specific design. At a previous meeting regarding these properties, the owner had a vague notion of maybe putting a Rally’s on this site. No formal agreement with Rally’s was presented.

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  • I was just looking at this building the other day and fantasizing about running a business out of it. What business, I don’t know, but not a Rally’s.

  • randall

    Hdlc designation is the only thing thats going to save neighborhoods. The hcdrc is about as useful as dirt.

  • Laureen

    It is up to the neighborhoods to do the footwork of saving structures who’s demolition would negatively impact their fabric. The HCDRC committee is, in fact, made of excellent people who follow the principles. The chairman gets a “performance improvement needed”.

    I know it looks as if they approve a lot but you have to really be at the property and at the meetings to fully understand how they operate. There is a fine balance in people moving forward or saving their investment. It’s case by case. Most of the cases we do see are heavily damaged. However, many of these in Mid-City are alarming, the neighborhood needs to step up.

  • randall

    laureen, this is a significant building.

  • randall

    Laureen the hcdrc is filled with mostly a bunch of idiots. That’s been established for like six months now.

  • Randall, I think we live in exceptional times right now. The desire for progress i.e. demolition is great.

    There is a fine line here between improvements and misguided decisions. Not all of those decisions are based in “idiocy” some,in fact are based in the desire to move on.

    Hopefully we will reach a tipping point , perhaps if we see more demolitions than Building permits then we will rethink this policy of permitting demolitions without redevelopment plans.

  • randall

    I agree, right on. That area however has been one of the most ripped apart neighboorhoods in New Orelans, the other area being good ‘ol central city

  • Tom

    I drive Tulane just about every day to work. Most of the houses & buildings in that particular stretch are in extremely bad shape, and were that way *long* before Katrina due to neglect and lack of interest. Currently the only “viable” businesses along that stretch are bail bond & title loan services for people visiting the courthouse.