A few folks have asked me to post what I said today at City Hall.

Thank you, the residents of New Orleans for being here today to deliver
our message of desperation and exasperation.

For the last year our Neighborhoods have been the model of civic
participation. We have made every effort to communicate with our City
Officials and work closely with the Police.

In spite of this Steve Blair was shot in the head,Monday night while
squatting in a vacant house.
Today the trail of blood and open door remain.

Chief Warren Riley and Mayor Ray Nagins call for residents to
galvanize is an insult. We have been galvanized for 16 months.

We live in a City where the inaction of our Federal, State and local
governments forced us to step over the bodies of the dead.

Each Death Diminishes us,that we continue to be ignored by the State,
The City and Federally elected officials, who are duty bound to
represent us,Diminishes the United States of America.

We are doing our Community Policing, we need back up. Back up by the
NOPD,back up by the D.A.,back up by City Hall and Back up by our

As a Neighborhood, we have been diligent in our efforts to prevent the
bloodshed. We photograped,we followed and reported. We e mailed, we
called, and we met in person with the District 2 Police.


To quote our Mayor.


“Let’s fix the biggest Goddam crisis in the History of America.”

Karen Gadbois

Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led...