Squandered Heritage Vintage

1634-36 N. Lopez St. {7th Ward}

Historic District Landmarks Commission Meeting Agenda
December 15th, 2006
Council Chambers, 9:30 a.m.
City Hall

Result: Application for Demolition. This application beings the standard, 30-day, layover.

1634-36 N. Lopez Facade

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Owner, Jonathan G. Clague proposes to demolish this modest shotgun and build a new residence. He owns the lot next to this building which is becoming a small junkyard.

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  • Hiedi Clague

    This is my brother and nephews house and it breaks my heart (I have tears in my eyes) to see this. My heart goes out to all in NO who are trying to rebuild their live. Our hearts are with you…

  • randall

    Did this house even flood? I checked out the elevation and the land it is on is above sea level. These people looked like they never took too much care of their house before katrina and they have probably been wanting to rip this house down for years. This looks like an opportunistic demolition again. They already have a vacant lot next door for God sake. This house better have had a lot of wind damage or I am going to be pissed

  • Hiedi Clague

    Excuse me Randall, your attitude must really help you in life (not). YES my brother’s house did flood and is unlivable so it is NOT AN OPPORTUNISTIC DEMOLITION. He took very good care of the house and had spent years personally renovating the interior of his house and the vacant lot next door was going to be built upon after renovation to the main house BEFORE Katrina. Try saving your crappy comments for yourself and leave those alone that are suffering just like you probably are and as for being PISSED – sounds like you are at the world. Save it buddy.

  • randall

    How much water did he get. Just tell me and I will be satisfied.I m not pissed at the world just people who want to rip down their house with apparently no visible damage. You can give me the damage report at katrinaevacuee200@yahoo.com.

  • chuck

    This house appears to be livable. I live one block away and have seen new “renters” move in recently. I have watched over the past several years as this house has deteriorated and the lot next door, along with the owner’s new residence down the block, become junkyards for boats, cars, trailers. . . I don’t like this in my neighborhood & doubt anyone else would either.

  • randall

    So are you for or aganist the demolition?

  • chuck

    Sorry for the ambiguous message. I am definitely against demolition!!! I agree with your assessment that it seems to be an opportunistic request. I have witnessed firsthand for almost ten years this property’s lack of maintenance & the gradual accumulation of junked vehicles of all sorts in the owner’s adjoining lot, on the street in front of this property & the property the owner is currently living in down the block! If he wants new construction (or a junkyard), stay out of historic buildings & historic neighborhoods! I bought here for a reason & I took out loans to maintain my property when I couldn’t afford to do so out-of-pocket.

  • Laureen

    Not ambiguous at all, considering we can see where this was headed. Surely it’s not toward much needed housing. It’s apparently moving toward a larger and unwanted shit-yard. Ugh. It’s like we live in a tunnel under the train tracks when we let people get away with this. We are pushing toward tougher enforcement and tougher laws.

    We can’t stop here ! That’s for sure.
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting,

  • randall

    How right you both are. Thanks so much, Laureen; try to see if Chuck could be able to go to the hdlc meeting and express his opinion. That would be awesome.

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  • Jonathon

    I own the property. I moved to the north shore not down the road, there is a lot of misinformation circulating here. In the process of raising the house the contractor advised me that there was too much termite damage and the structural integrity has been compromised, hence the request for demolition. Petition was denied. Various other attempts to get approval for renovation were met with negatives. I would be way over invested by the time I had done what everyone else wants me to do with my house, especially now that the market has gone to heck. I moved to the northshore to get my son in a school he wont get shot attending. I lost a lot as a result of Katrina, my business and my home. The wind lifted the windward (north) side of the roof and almost collapsed the wall, you can see the buckle in it near the roof line. I built in an arch to support it and found more problems in the process. I cannot sell it for much and I cant get permission to knock it down and build a new house …. apparently it is a historical gem. The vacant lot is not a separate property, it is a part of the property .. it is the yard, the fence blew away during Katrina. I had to park the RV in my yard after I did not need to live in it anymore following Katrina. I was told that parking my RV in my own yard is not against the law, I guess you don’t like my RV, I do. First person with $200k USD can have this gem, this historical masterpiece. Apparently the neighbours have never turned right on Fortin Street and walked a little ways … more gems down there.

  • Guissepe

    You people who are against the demolition of these houses are morons. Are you paying the mortgages? Are you paying the property taxes? Are you paying for repairs and upkeep? Then why do you feel the need to comment on anything. Go plant some trees somewhere and leave these property owners to make their own decisions.

  • Jeph

    Wait. You were in the process of raising the house? You had already decided to tear it down?
    Which means in the process of tearing the house down your contractor told you it was not worth saving? This can’t be what you meant to write, right?

  • Jonathon

    Interesting thought process, very misguided. I tried to figure out how you decided for me that I had already decided to “tear the house down”, cant see how you got that, and then of course everything that followed was drivel. Chuck down the road is mad at the world because he took out loans and invested into a house that is now sitting in a city depressed because of the hurricane damage and now dramatically devalued by the mortgage crisis and recession, apparently he wants everybody else to drop their money in that hole also, in the misguided hope that his property value might recover faster. Bad news Chuck, there are many, many people who will not be able to rebuild their houses on your schedule. Who would want to live around people that just complain about other peoples properties anyway?