Squandered Heritage Vintage

FEMA 106: Deadline for comments this Thursday

Of the almost 500 properties in Orleans Parish for which the owner has requested FEMA-funded demolition, the following short list has been determined by FEMA to be eligible for the National Register. Thus FEMA is accepting comments from the public to identify specific alternatives to demolition for these properties.

The deadline for comments is this Thursday, December 14, 2006.

Comments can be offered online at the FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana web site.

Any property below which has a link will take you to the Squandered Heritage page for that property, containing photos and anything else we have been able to learn. Feel free to comment on our page, but keep in mind that comments left here will not be read by FEMA; to offer official comments as part of the Section 106 process, you must visit the above link.

1817 Arts Street
4603 Banks Street
3017-19 Bienville Street
2429-33 North Claiborne Avenue
5820 Clara Street
2714-16-18-20 Danneel Street
6443 DeBore Drive
2752-54 Dumaine Street
2818-20 Dumaine Street
2133-35 Elysian Fields Avenue
611 Flood Street
4403-05 Fountainebleau Drive
4750 Franklin Avenue
2250-52 North Galvez Street
732-34 South Genois Street
736-38 South Genois Street
3225 Gravier Street
738-40 Hidalgo Street
3319-21 Iberville Street
1326-28 Joliet Street
3501-03 South Liberty Street
612 North Lopez Street
226 South Lopez Street
218-20 South Lopez Street
222-24 South Lopez Street
2908-10 Louisiana Avenue
4749-51 Music Street
3129 Palmyra Street
3304 Piedmont Drive
1966-68 North Prieur Street
2627-29 Saint Ann Street
3427 South Saratoga Street
717 Teche Street
603 Tricou Street
738 Voisin Street
214 South White Street

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  • I was wondering if it was possible to try and salvage anything from some of these properties before they are gone? It makes me sad to see such beautiful homes being uselessly destroyed. But I mean if we could save anything would be better than nothing right? I could recycle so much of these properties into my own home for that matter. Or they could at the very least go to an Architechtural Salvage house and eventually be recycled back into New Orleans Housing stock once again. If anyone knows anything at all about something like this please let me know because I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

    Adam Clayton
    312 S. Lopez St.

  • randall

    We had some experiences from architectural salvage companies. Don’t even get me started on The Green Project. Get Willie White, he’s much more rational than those guys.

  • There are a number of initiatives to require salvage of these properties.

    There are many elements which could be saved and we need to be mindful of that.

    I am hoping we see some attention paid to this issue in the next few weeks.