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4603 Banks Street Mid City

FEMA Section 106
Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana – Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Comment

4603 Banks St.

Side view

4603 Banks Street

another side view

4603 Banks Street

Damage report

Address: 4603 Banks St
Owner: Christian Rodick
Tax Bill: 105308907
Property Description: Sq 821 Pt 10 Lot 13 Banks & Olympia 50X102 Wmr/Frz Ok
Planning District: Mid-City
Flood Zone: A4
Damage Assessment
Estimated Flood Depth: 5.5
Flood Duration (days): 11
Damage Report: 18.9%

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  • Colleen Gannon

    There is no info on this house. What is wrong with it? Looks like a raised basement from the pic which means no flooding on the upper floor (I live nearby and got no water on the upper floor of our raised basement house).

  • Laureen

    Here’s a comment, What the &*(@ ??
    That’s what we all said. Some of these demo candidates are completely baffling. In a city trying to recover housing ASAP ???!

  • Colleen, There seems to be a lot of confusion about these FEMA lists. We work off of the lists that they provide. I know that ANOTHER list will be published in the paper on the 29th and then there will be a period of public comment. I will try and sort thru this mess, but if you are interested in a specific property I would call the PRC for advice.

    If you find out any more information please let us know.

  • Ray Shea

    My understanding is that the owner requests demolition by FEMA and then FEMA puts it on the Section 106 list seeking public comment. It seems to me that any non-collapsed building in a national register historic district should have an automatic bias towards preservation.

    I need to dig up a link, but there is a version of the section 106 list that provides a way for the public to offer comments via the Internet. I think a valuable project would be to figure out which properties are in National Register districts, using the district maps and Alan’s google map application, and then make sure that every one of these properties gets updated on FEMA’s list with public comments drawing attention to the district designation.

    What I am still completely unclear is how the local historic review process works with Section 106. When something is on the 106 list, do we only deal with FEMA? For high-profile buildings like Cabrini obviously everybody from HDLC to FEMA to PRC to Tulane is going to get involved, but how do we make sure the FEMA juggernaut can actually hear us when we’re talking about houses like this in Mid-City?

  • Jennifer Molina

    I live a few blocks from here. We have a raised basement house that is similar to this one. We’ve been living in it since January. The city deemed it to be 31% damaged (I think). There is no reason that a house like that should be demolished. Can we get info. to the owner about that upcoming grant deadline for repairs to homes in historic districts? Would the owner be interested in selling? If owners of Mid-City properties are considering demolition, could we get them some names of people who might be willing to buy from them? We might consider buying a house in Mid-City that was slated for demolition but in this kind of condition (just to save it and fix it up).

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