FEMA Section 106
Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana – Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Comment

1330-32 Simon Bolivar Avenue, Central City

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1330-32 Simon Bolivar Avenue
National Register Central City Historic District

This building at the corner of Simon Bolivar and Thalia has been owned by the Greater Mount Rose Baptist Church since the late 1970’s. Mt. Rose also owns the two buildings next door, the original church at 1318 Simon Bolivar, and the larger brick building next to that which is the current main church building. The property to be demolished is next to the main church.

While I was photographing, Pastor Banks from the nearby Greater Full Gospel Church stopped to talk to me. He knew that Mt. Rose wanted the building torn down, but was unsure whether they wanted to build another church building next to it, or possibly put in a parking lot. Pastor Banks seemed less interested in architecture and much more interested in getting education and training for the people in the neighborhood, and “getting them off the crack”.

From the outside, it’s clear that the structure has sustained damage; you can see daylight through the roof in many places.

Address: 1330 Simon Bolivar Av
Owner: Aptist Churc Greater Mt Rose B
Tax Bill: 102107216
Property Description: Sq 314 Lot 16 Simon Bolivar And Thalia 31 9X96 11
Planning District: Central City/Garden District
Flood Zone: B
Damage Assessment
Estimated Flood Depth: 1.5
Flood Duration (days): 7
Damage Report: 21.85%