Historic District Landmarks Commission Meeting
November 8, 2006
9:30 a.m.
City Hall, Council Chambers
Applicant: Housing Unit Demolition Task Force, City Attorney’s Office

Result: Unknown

1233 Louisa Facade
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Owner, Edna Williams, has applied for demolition of this modest single shotgun which is structurally sound. The only things wrong with this house pertain to the elements which are out of scale with the original construction. It is difficult to justify the demolition of this house so the Preservation Resource Center is actively seeking buyers for this house as an alternative to demolition. The windows are out of scale due to a fairly recent remodel. If you click on the photo you can compare this ‘remuddle’ to the house next door at 1235 Louisa which still retains it’s original windows and siding. The awning is also inconsistent. This is why the role of the HDLC is important. The remuddled elements have devalued this home but if the owners had been required to preserve the original elements, it would be more attractive to buyers.