This information is taken from the ordinance establishing the Housing Conservation District Review Committee.

Cabrini Madonna

Applications for demolition permits shall be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis, and shall be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Condition of structure.

2. Architectural significance of structure.

3. Historical significance of structure.

4. Urban Design significance of structure as it relates to: a) pedestrian perception and movement. b) height, area and bulk of the structure and how it relates to the street scene, traffic, and other buildings in the vicinity.

5. Neighborhood context of subject structure, including the condition and architectural, historical and urban design significance of other structures in the vicinity of the subject structure.

6. Proposed length of time the site is anticipated to remain undeveloped.

7. Proposed plan for redevelopment, and it’s relationship to principle 4.

8. Committee may require the applicant to secure zoning approvals for the redevelopment of the property prior to issuance of demolition permit.