Housing Conservation District Review Committee
Meeting Agenda
October 9, 2006
10 a.m., Room 7E07 City Hall
DENIED [6-0] based on the fair condition and architectural significance

Oct 9 Meeting Results RESULT: Denied

Owner Nedra Ricard has applied to demolish this Victorian shotgun double to replace it with a vacant lot. Result: Denied.

In the Housing Conservation District Review Committee’s Meetings, HCDRC, the board takes into consideration a number of factors in deciding to approve or deny a demolition; the presence of the owner at the meeting is a big factor, the plans the owner has submitted for the lot post-demolition, whether or not the owner might benefit from a deferral to pursue sale of the property to bring it back into commerce. The structural viability and economic feasibility of renovation are fundamental considerations as well as the intrinsic value of the unique architectural characteristics a house may offer are all weighed in the board’s decision.

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