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A look at a disappearing daily ritual for many

Gail Brooks takes in the day's news  while Wilbert "Mr. Chill" Wilson cuts her hair at the shop bearing his nickname on South Carrollton Avenue. Wilson said he owes his success to the paper, which has featured community events held at his shop. For instance, the paper wrote a feature story in 2010 when Mayor Mitch Landrieu and others came to the barber shop to teach young men how to tie a tie and pass on other tips from generation to generation.

With The Times-Picayune set to reduce its print schedule to three days a week, The Lens took a look at readers’ rituals on Monday and Tuesday, two of the days that the paper will drop sometime in the fall. Photographer Bevil Knapp set out across the metro area this week and provides this photo essay of scenes that will soon be a thing of the past early in the week.