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A look at a disappearing daily ritual for many

With The Times-Picayune set to reduce its print schedule to three days a week, The Lens took a look at readers’ rituals on Monday and Tuesday, two of the days that the paper will drop sometime in the fall.

Photographer Bevil Knapp set out across the metro area this week and provides this photo essay of scenes that will soon be a thing of the past early in the week. Click any image to enlarge, and then scroll through the images in the larger format.


Gail Brooks takes in the day's news while Wilbert "Mr. Chill" Wilson cuts her hair at the shop bearing his nickname on South Carrollton Avenue. Wilson said he owes his success to the paper, which has featured community events held at his shop. For instance, the paper wrote a feature story in 2010 when Mayor Mitch Landrieu and others came to the barber shop to teach young men how to tie a tie and pass on other tips from generation to generation.


Wilson catches up on sports while waiting for his next customer.


The Rev. Msgr. Crosby W. Kern enjoys his daily paper at the rectory of the St. Louis Cathedral Tuesday. He said his 90-year-old mother will no longer be able to read her daily paper. He said he believes that an informed community is the core of our freedom: When information is hard to get, the less we think and the fewer our freedoms.


Patients Paul DeBrock (left) and high school senior Bryce Laird read the paper while iced up for therapy at Fairway Medical Physical Therapy in Covington.


Dwayne Collins reads the paper daily during his bus commute to work in New Orleans.


From left to right, John Desplas, Nick Crowell, Mark Herman, Sharon Morrow and Joe Mole have been meeting for 20 years at the Fair Grinds Coffee Shop to read their daily copy of The Times-Picayune, work the crossword puzzle and talk about New Orleans.


Starting sometime this fall, the daily newspaper rack at Lakeside Newsstand in Metairie will have a hole in it four days a week.


Nick George mans the FOX8 news desk, which regularly monitors a variety of news sources, including The Times-Picayune.


Corey Fouchi enjoys his daily Times-Picayune at Morning Call Coffee Stand in Metairie on Tuesday morning.


Dave Glaviano, a former paperboy, reads his daily paper every morning at Morning Call.


Glaviano has kept the notice he dropped with subscribers when he took over his paper route.



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  • Darlene Olivo

    What a great set of photos. Soon they’ll qualify for “Scenes from the Past.”

  • Valerie Willard


  • Johdus

    Well done.

  • Steve

    Need a picture of someone reading the paper while sitting on the bakowza.

  • 6wd

    Amazing that those folks have been meeting at Fair Grinds for 20 years, when it only opened up about 10 years ago.

    Maybe it only *felt* like 20 years after reading another mind-numbingly stupid column by Sheila Stroup.

  • Richard Hilliard

    I guess that guy from the Fair Grinds looking at his i-phone is ready for the change

  • MMB

    Public media is not a license to be rude, no matter how “anonymous” one feels. Being a public person, author or otherwise, also should not in itself make one a target. The negative comment regarding Sheila Stroup’s writing is one small step toward the creation of a more aggressive culture founded in disrespect. Since a more aggressive culture affects us all, we all have a responsibility to modulate our tone. Free speech doesn’t have to be rude speech.

  • James Hughes

    Fair Grounds opened 10 years ago, I take it your not from around here !

  • bevill knapp

    Thanks for jogging my memory! I had my first photography exhibit at that very location 25 years ago when the coffee shop was named True Brew.

  • Lou

    Love that States-Item notice! I wonder what year that’s from, that neighborhood where he lived (Desire St) sure has changed over the years, I bet!

  • GKD

    Rev. Msgr. Crosby W. Kern has apparently not taken a vow of poverty.

  • GKD

    Also, the photo of the Rev. Msgr. looks awfully posed. What are the chances that he would be sitting in perfect lighting in that chair, when the couch is two steps away.

  • Vinny

    neat story, neat pics.