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Audio: Holy Cross residents wary of proposed riverfront apartment complex

People living near the site of the abandoned Holy Cross school in the Lower 9th Ward know the site has to be redeveloped, but they are unhappy with a plan to build two, seven-story apartment buildings along the river.

In this audio story, I talk with them about the character of their neighborhood and their reservations about the plan.


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  • ErinJaneFoster1

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Angela worked tirelessly for this city, put her entire life into this city, and you all are shooting her down because the buildings she wants to put in are too tall? That makes NO sense.

  • Nolaresident

    And which group do YOU work for? “A cooking school!” Well golly gee!

    Railroading your way through a neighborhood, disregarding the current residents there…now THAT makes no sense.

  • Ken Foster

    How do you feel about the forged petitions?