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WordPress and Tenacity

I have know for a few weeks that the series of reports done by Lee Zurik had been awarded the duPont award but it was nice to see it announced today. I heard the announcment via Twitter via @The_Gambit Nice to see new media spreading the news of old media around.

DuPont Awards

I look forward to working with Lee again when he comes back on air in the spring. In the meantime the first joint reporting effort of WVUE and The Lens will air Tuesday Jan 19th.

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  • scott heron

    I live across from the St. Roch Market. Neighbors say they overheard people outside the market discussing its imminent demolition. This sounds like a wild rumor to me, but just in case I’m putting the word out. Does anyone have info? A way to find out what is going on?? Scotty 504-701-5180