School vouchers are distributed as expanded program kicks in

About 2,300 New Orleans public school students have been offered slots in private schools under the state’s voucher program, leaving about 5,500 spots still available at schools across the state, the Louisiana Department of Education announced today. The department unveiled the list of private schools slated to accept those students today, as well as other schools across 33 parishes available this fall for students outside of New Orleans participating in the voucher program, officially known as Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence.

State releases list of schools where students can apply for private-campus vouchers

By Jessica Williams, The Lens staff writer |

The state Department of Education today released the list of New Orleans schools eligible to participate in its voucher program. The program, called the Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program, has for the past three years offered low-income students from low-performing public schools the chance to attend the private school of their choice, with the state paying the bill for tuition and fees.

HANO official: Agency not analyzing voucher locations

Despite spending millions to tear down public housing complexes and to implement a voucher program that would end the concentration of poor households, a Housing Authority of New Orleans official admitted Monday that the agency doesn’t analyze voucher use to determine whether new pockets of poverty may be forming elsewhere.