New Orleans schools have comparatively high rate of testing irregularities on standardized tests

Looked at from several different angles, New Orleans public schools have a comparatively high percentage of possible cheating on standardized tests, The Lens has found after reviewing the most recent state data available. Testing experts offered a broadly accepted rationale: cheating tends to increase when standardized tests are used for rewards and punishments of schools, teachers or students. For a variety of reasons, New Orleans schools have more riding on the outcome of test scores than public schools elsewhere in the state.

How The Lens reported on standardized testing problems

To report our second story into standardized testing problems, The Lens cross-referenced five data sets from the Louisiana Department of Education:

The 2011 state test security report, which the Department of Education compiled for the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. School district investigations into testing irregularities for 2011, which were submitted to the state.